Our services are designed to support historical fiction writers at every stage of the writing journey. Whether you’re after editing services, coaching programmes, beta reading, or book promotion, we’re here to help.


Our editing services are designed exclusively for historical fiction writers. We combine in-depth knowledge of story craft and language with specialist knowledge of history and the historical fiction genre. Whether you’re looking for content editing, copy-editing and proofreading, or bespoke support, we’re here to help.


Our coaching programmes are designed to support historical fiction writers by giving them a structured path towards completing their novels. We currently run three programmes: our Get started in historical fiction workshop series; a work-in-progress group coaching programme; and a mentoring scheme which matches aspiring historical fiction writers with historical fiction authors.


Our beta reader service gives you the opportunity to share your manuscript with a team of hand-picked beta readers, who will then provide detailed feedback that will help make your story as strong as it can possibly be. Our beta readers fill an important gap in the writing and editing process, providing the kind of feedback that only true fans of the historical fiction genre could give.


Our book promotion services include our ARC service, which helps you to generate Amazon reviews for your book, and our giveaway service, which helps you to build your author email list.

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