Specialist historical fiction editing

Our editing services are designed exclusively for historical fiction writers. We combine in-depth knowledge of story craft and language with specialist knowledge of history and the historical fiction genre. Whether you’re after content editing or copy-editing and proofreading, we’re here to help.


Content editing – also known as developmental editing – focuses on the big-picture issues in a manuscript, including plot, structure, setting, characterisation, historical authenticity, and overall writing quality. It should be your first step in the editing process, showing you what’s working in your story and what isn’t. As well as identifying any problems in your manuscript, we offer detailed recommendations on how to fix them.


Copy-editing and proofreading are vital for refining your manuscript once all the big-picture issues are settled. They focus on the micro-level elements of your writing, such as grammar, punctuation, syntax, and formatting, and they help catch the inevitable typos. Copy-editing also involves checking your story for consistency and logic. Together, they’re vital for ensuring your story is as professional and polished as it can possibly be.