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We’re offering a 10% discount on the total price for each additional day added after the first, up to a maximum of 40% off for the whole convention. As you add your days to the cart, you will see the cost of each day decrease in line with this offer.

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You can get lifetime access to the convention recordings for the days you have booked for a small fee equal to 10% of your booking total. You can add this on the checkout page. If you don’t select lifetime access, you’ll lose access to all recordings after four weeks.

Please note, the booking deadline for one-to-one sessions with book marketing experts, editors, and agents has passed. The registration deadline for our interactive workshop and critiquing sessions has also passed. If you book the convention now, you won’t be able to book a one-to-one session or participate in the interactive critiquing sessions (although you will still be able to observe most of them). You are still welcome to book and participate in the rest of the sessions.

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Convention day one: the future of historical fiction

$152.40 USD

Convention day two: book marketing in historical fiction

$152.40 USD

Convention day three: publishing and getting published

$152.40 USD

Convention day four: the craft of historical fiction

$152.40 USD

Convention day five: history and research

$152.40 USD

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