The History Quill writers convention, 2022

The History Quill will host a five day virtual convention for historical fiction writers on 2–6 February, 2022. Our concept is based on the idea of enabling you to build your own convention, thus creating an experience tailored to your particular interests. Each of the five days has a theme, and you can attend for all five days or only one day, or anything in between, depending on where your interests lie.

There will be multiple events on each day, all of them matching the theme of the day. These will include expert presentations, panel discussions, guest Q&As, social and networking opportunities, discussion rooms, workshops, critique sessions, and more. There will also be special one-to-one sessions with editors, agents, historians, and others that can be booked as add-ons. We will announce the full agenda, including speakers and topics, when we open for bookings in December.

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