“Andrew was one of the first people to read my novel, so sending it to him for a full structural report felt like a big – and slightly daunting – step. But I’m so glad I did. He has an excellent grasp of what works in historical fiction, from little words that were anachronistic to larger plot points that needed to be refined. His thoughtful analysis helped me to focus my attention on the areas that needed improvement, while his praise for what was working well, together with his intuitive understanding of what I was trying to achieve with the plot and the characters, was encouraging and motivating.”

Dorita Avila

“Andrew’s excellent editor’s report forced me to address lots of key issues (and some guilty secrets) that were holding my story back. It provided a clear path forward and gave me ‘permission’ to make the revisions that were much needed. Thanks to Andrew’s help and some hard work, I now have a story I can be proud of.”

Robert Guidi

“The structural report I received from Andrew was constructive, illuminating, insightful, and thought-provoking on the areas that needed development. The analysis of individual chapters was particularly useful, raising important issues, from minor to major, that needed attention. Overall, the report’s conclusions and recommendations were instrumental in producing a much-improved final draft.”

Jeff Kaye

“I was thrilled with the service I received from Andrew and his team. The copy-edit and proofread they provided were thorough, punctual, and vital for giving my manuscript the professional polish I was aiming for. The team combined invaluable historical expertise with a forensic approach to grammar, punctuation, and consistency. When they spotted errors, they did an excellent job of explaining them in the accompanying style guide, and they answered my queries at the end thoughtfully and comprehensively.”

Penny Hampson

“As a first-time author, I was excited to join a group coaching programme focused on historical fiction writing and led by an editor specializing in the genre. Andrew and the rest of the group couldn’t have been more welcoming and supportive. The regular critiques and learning modules gave me the extra tools and knowledge I needed to re-think aspects of my story that were causing me difficulty, and I’m now writing with renewed confidence, motivation, and enjoyment.”

Kelly Scarborough

“After self-publishing my first novel and having the sequel picked up by a traditional publisher, I was keen to write a third to take the series forward. Inevitably, life got in the way and progress was slow, so I joined Andrew’s group coaching programme with the aim of getting back on track. The accountability and support have given me a much-needed lift, helping me put in the time and effort necessary to boost my word count. The critiques, Q&As, and learning modules have also helped broaden my understanding of story craft and improve my writing as I go along.”

Jonathan Hopkins

“I have always wanted to write historical fiction, but I worried that, as only an enthusiast, I might be spinning my wheels. I initially asked Andrew to review my novel outline, but, after his excellent feedback, I asked him to take me on as a coaching client as well. His advice and support have helped me get my first novel off to a great start.”

LC Mason

“Having written and published poetry, articles and short stories for many decades, I decided to expand a novella into a full-length historical novel. By a happy chance, I came across Andrew’s website and submitted the first three chapters for his appraisal. The report which I received, on time and on budget, was excellent. It was encouraging, professional, and forensic. I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough as an editor. Any author, new or experienced, could only benefit from his skill.”

Simon Piney